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Why Chocolate? Keto Foods Chocolate Launch

The beautiful thing about a seed is when planted they are expected to change. They go through a process that requires time, resources, and attention. But at the end of the process, one seed has the potential to impact millions. 

The Cocoa Horizons Foundation exists to improve the livelihood of cocoa farmers through protecting children, fighting against slave labor, and ending deforestation. Keto Pint is dedicated to join the fight with Cocoa Horizons to plant seeds of change. 

Through our partnership, we purchase our chocolate products at a premium price to help fund farmer training in good agricultural practices, provide innovative finance solutions, implement child protection initiatives, grant access to education, and empower women. Cocoa Horizons believes that sustainable chocolate should be the norm, and we stand behind them ! 

Why chocolate?

We believe that the issues in Cocoa farming are enormous. Change starts with us; join the fight, demand better, be the change. 

It is more than chocolate that tastes good, it is chocolate that does good. 



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