Here are the top ways over-consumption of sugar can negatively affect your body:

  1. Increase risk of heart disease – Raises blood pressure and build up of plaque in your arteries leading to heart attack, stroke, or heart failure
  2. Can lead to fatty liver – Fructose can overload your liver leading to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.
  3. Gain unwanted weight – Contributes to the nation’s obesity epidemic
  4. Depletes energy – A brief spike in blood sugar and insulin levels followed by a sharp drop in blood sugar (sugar crash)
  5. Accelerate cognitive decline – Lead to impaired memory and a greater risk for Alzheimer’s and Dementia
  6. Increase risk of type 2 diabetes – Prolonged high-sugar consumption drives insulin resistance
  7. May increase risk of cancer
  8. May negatively impact your mental health – Increased risk of depression

Our promise at Keto Pint is to make authentic no added sugar products that will help future generations with the fight against sugar consumption.

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