Achieving Generational Health

In 2018 brother’s, Chris and Anthony Spencer, father suffered his first heart attack that led him to the hospital. During this time, he was consuming high sugar, fast and convenient foods that accommodated his busy lifestyle. The doctor told the Spencer brothers if their father didn’t adjust his health habits, the result would be drastic. He was later placed on a medical ketogenic diet that ultimately saved his life.

Helping their dad transition to a no added sugar lifestyle became their focus. Unfortunately, there were not many satisfying food options available for their father that supported his new lifestyle. This put the brothers on a mission to improve his quality of life through products he could trust and enjoy. Today, Keto Foods is proud to offer a growing portfolio of products that allow, not only the Spencer Brother's father, but everyone to enjoy.

We are committed to the health of the today's and tomorrow's generations.

How we got here


The Spencer brothers' father suffered his first heart attack and was placed on a medical ketogenic diet.

Late 2018

The Spencer brothers began making keto ice cream for their father to help him transition to his new lifestyle.


Their father reversed all pre-diabetic syndromes, lost weight, and was living without fear.


Keto Foods goes global. Today we get to serve Keto Foods products to our community in thousands of stores across the US and in 14+ countries. The greatest form of love is caring about the health of your community. We promise to continue consciously creating products to empower you to live better without sacrificing the foods you love.

Where we are now

Let's kick sugar to the curb and make sweet memories together.