The worst day of our lives changed everything

In 2018, my father suffered a heart attack. During this time, he was consuming high sugar, processed foods that accommodated his busy lifestyle. The doctor told us if our father didn’t adjust his eating habits, his heart condition would worsen. He was immediately placed on a medical ketogenic diet that ultimately saved his life.

From our kitchen to store shelves

Helping our dad transition to a low carb, low sugar lifestyle became our focus. Unfortunately, there were not many satisfying dessert options available for our father that supported his new lifestyle. This put my brother and I on a mission to improve his quality of life through products he could trust and enjoy. After trial and error with our individual-sized ice cream maker, we crafted a creamy, delicious ice cream, and the vision for Keto Pint was born.

Our commitment to excellence

Over the years, we have realized the most important part of Keto Pint: Zero Added Sugar. As research continues to grow about the detrimental side effects of sugar and artificial sweeteners, we promise to continue creating premium, better for-you frozen desserts through novel recipes and quality ingredients. What started as a mission to save our father’s life, has become a passion to set the standard for zero added sugar ice cream.

-Chris Spencer

Co-Founder and CEO