Where it started

In 2018, our Co-founder’s father suffered his first heart attack. During this time, he was consuming high sugar, processed foods that accommodated his busy lifestyle. The doctor told the Spencer brothers if their father didn’t adjust his eating habits, his heart condition would worsen. He was immediately placed on a medical ketogenic diet that ultimately saved his life.

Helping their dad transition to a low carb, low sugar lifestyle became their focus. Unfortunately, there were not many satisfying dessert options available for their father that supported his new lifestyle. This put the brothers on a mission to improve his quality of life through products he could trust and enjoy. After trial and error with their individual-sized ice cream maker, they crafted a creamy, delicious ice cream, and the vision for Keto Pint was born.

Where it's going

Over the years, we have realized the most important part of the ketogenic lifestyle: Zero Added Sugar. As research continues to grow about the detrimental side effects of sugar and artificial sweeteners, we promise to continue creating quality, better for-you products with premium ingredients. What started as a mission to save a father’s life, has become a passion to serve our community.

How we got here

June 2018

The Spencer brothers' father suffered a heart attack and was placed on a medical ketogenic diet.

September 2018

The Spencer brothers began making keto ice cream for their father to help him transition to his new lifestyle.

First Sea Salt Caramel Pint

November 2018

The first Keto Pint product, Sea Salt Caramel pint, was produced

New Seasons Market

January 2019

Keto pint was accepted into its first retail store

Chris and Anthony Spencer at Expo West

March 2019

Keto Pint debuted it's first four ice cream pint flavors at Expo West

September 2019

Keto Pint sold its first product internationally

Sea Salt Caramel Ice Cream Bars at Costco

January 2020

Sea Salt Carmel Ice Cream Bars launched in Costco

December 2021

Keto Pint transitioned to Keto Foods


Keto Foods products are found in thousands of stores across the US and 14+ countries

Zero Added Sugar Ice Cream Bars

January 2023

6 new Zero Added Sugar ice cream bars are introduced to the market

Where we are now

Zero added sugar for a better tomorrow