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  • Tony Conte

    I’ve been doing Atkins for years, but I missed ice cream sometimes. I’ve tried all the other keto friendly brands, and just gave up. I live by the rule that anything I eat has to be worth the little bit of carbs, or I won’t bother with it again. The other couple brands, to me, have a weird mouth feel, and tasted so-so. I always resorted back to the Breyer’s Carb Smart (which it really isn’t, according to the ingredient list), and just had a couple spoonfuls once or twice a week. Today I happened past the freezer case at my Shop Rite, and saw they had Keto Pint on sale, so I figured, let’s try this and see if I’ll wind up throwing it in the trash like the others. I took the mint chocolate chip out and let it soften a little. I took a spoonful, and was quite surprised…man, is this stuff great !I Creamy and flavorful…so much so that I wound up eating the whole pint…lol !! Keto Pint has come up with the perfect recipe, for sure !! I will be returning to pick up several more pints tomorrow for my freezer stash, I haven’t tried the other pint I got, the peanut butter flavor, which alot of the reviews raved about…thanks, Keto Pint, you absolutely have a winning ice cream !

  • Elizabeth

    Excellent product! Hopefully, more stores will carry more of a variety in the near future.

  • Missy

    Best keto ice cream I ever had. On the chocolate and peanut butter, the best part is that peanut butter. Thanks.

  • Sherry

    Hello, I have just bought two pint sized keto ice creams. This is the first time I have tried your ice cream. Just wanted to say good job on the low carbs and great flavor ice cream. It’s so creamy yet chewy, I absolutely love it 🙂

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