Why Zero Added Sugar

Zero Added Sugar: The Story Behind our Latest Products

For the last year and a half, the Keto Foods team has been working to create new products that will further our mission of providing zero added sugar treats to our community. We want everyone to enjoy their favorite treats without the effects of excess sugar intake. After countless hours of trial and error creating our new bars, we are so excited for you to be able to finally enjoy them!

You probably noticed a big change in our packaging. Instead of the large “Keto Pint” logo taking up the front of our boxes, it now reads “Zero Added Sugar”. So why did we make this change?

When Keto Pint, now Keto Foods, was started in 2019, we wanted to give people a low carb, no added sugar, ketogenic ice cream that could be enjoyed without the complications that other sugary desserts can bring. And that’s still our mission today! The problem is when people hear the word “keto” they automatically think that it’s a fad diet or it’s only for a select group of people, when that is not the case at all!

When we look at the keto diet and keto-friendly foods, we get three main takeaways: low carb, high fat, and low sugar. We decided to double-down on the zero added sugar aspect to really drive home what we are trying to inspire in our communities. The heart of our mission is to help reduce sugar intake and provide products with premium ingredients to help people avoid current or potential health issues that come from it. And how do we do that? By using zero grams of added sugar.

Are your new products still keto?

Yes, our products are still keto-friendly and are still great for those looking for a ketogenic treat!

Are your products safe for diabetics?

Absolutely! All our products use low glycemic, high-quality ingredients and natural sweeteners that have minimal effects on blood sugar levels.

Where can I get these zero added sugar ice cream bars?

Our new Zero Added Sugar ice cream bars will be coming to H-E-B starting in January 2023, Food Lion, Kroger, and Publix in February 2023, and more retailers throughout the year. Make sure to follow us on Instagram @ketopint and sign up for our newsletter to get the latest store and product info.


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  • Trudi Saucedo

    Is your product going to come back to Costco? The 12 pack of the Sea Salt Bars.

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