Candy Corn Keto Bars

Candy corn, the delicious golden candy that is 100% sugar. We all know it and have loved it at one point in time or even still now. But, if your keto or just health conscious, Halloween candies like candy corn are an absolute no go! So, we found a fun way to decorate our bars and make you feel like a kid again while keeping you on track with your health goals.                                

Candy Corn Keto Bars On A Plate

This is a great family activity that is fun and creative for the kids and also encourages healthy eating habits during the holidays. Start the night off with pumpkin carving and end with a decked out low carb no sugar added keto ice cream bar!



Candy Corn Keto Bars Recipe



In a large bowl, add cream cheese and microwave 30 seconds to soften. Then add Powdered sugar and Heavy cream. Stir until all lumps are gone. 

Take your mixture and begin separating it out into 3 smaller bowls. Once your mixture has been separated you will take your first bowl and add 2-3 drops of yellow food dye (or until desired color). Stir well. 

In your second bowl you will take your orange food dye & red dye to create a darker orange color (1 drop red 2 drops orange). The last bowl you will leave white (you can add just a touch of yellow if desired). 

Once you have all your colors, place each mixture into its own frosting tube to begin applying it to your ice cream bar. Be sure to leave the bars in the freezer until you are ready to apply the topping. 

Start with the bottom of the bar and use your darker orange color to create your first layer. Then, add your lighter orange color above, and end with the white tip. You may have some lumps and unevenness so you can take a butter knife or spatula to even out your candy corn design. 

You can refreeze or eat right away! 


Not a fan of frosting?

No worries! You can also make this recipe with sugar free white chocolate! Skip all the mixing and get right to melting! 

Simply melt down your sugar free white chocolate and add food dye accordingly! 


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