Keto Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

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  • Hannah

    Made these tonight and sooo good! For the sweetener I did just a little bit under the 3/4 cup and did a mixture of white and brown. I’ve been trying a lot of choc chip cookie recipes and this is now the top one. And I got about 10 big cookies out of the recipe and two smaller. I formed and flattened the cookies before baking. They took longer than 10 min for me (around 18 until they started to brown) but they were on the lower rack so maybe that’s why. And then I slammed the tray on the counter when they came out of the oven (like their other ice cream sandwich recipe called for) and sprinkled some thick salt on top. For the ice cream part, I struggled cutting the pint so I aborted mission and pulled the whole chunk of ice cream out and cut it into slices that way and still worked out great! BTW for a couple of the cookies before baking I added in some keto butterscotch chips and they were good too!

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